Gospel Partnerships

As part of RCF's goal of making disciples, we partner with multiple other ministries that have the same endeavor to preach the gospel to every tribe tongue and nation. 
RCF is an official member of the Southern Baptist Convention and regularly attends convention meetings to stay informed and involved with other ministry partners 
RCF is also a member of the Virginia chapter of the SBC for more local connections and efforts to spread the gospel. We regularly attend SBCV meetings as well to further our ministry outreach and stay informed on the work the SBCV is doing. 

About Merkinch

Merkinch, located in the city of Inverness, is among the most deprived areas in Scotland despite being less that two miles away from one of the wealthiest areas. This scheme is a close-knit community. However, Merkinch struggles with high crime rates, mental health problems, and poor education. Scott and Katherine Davidson are church planters with 20Schemes that RCF supports directly. 
To assist in spreading the gospel globally, RCF supports HeartCry Missionary Society as a spiritual and financial partner.